Monday, December 22, 2008

Latin Mass at Annunciation postponed until January -UPDATED

I was informed via a third party email that the Latin Mass offered at Annunciation Catholic Church will be postponed until "sometime" after the New Year due to parish renovations. I was out of town last week but was told that Masses were offered in the parish center due to some carpet renovations and painting taking place in the Sanctuary. I was told Father Noone will offer only the New Mass at the parish center during this time and/but will resume the Latin Mass in the Church when renovations are complete sometime in January.

Being an advertised website for the Una Voce Southern MS Chapter, this is not an appropriate forum for my personal opinion of this matter or other issues. I will say though that I cannot see any logical reasoning behind postponing the Latin Mass and continuing the New Mass during these renovations.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Latin Mass on 13DEC08

Father Noone will be out of town on Saturday 13DEC08. There will be no Latin Mass on this Saturday. the Latin Mass will resume the following week.

Missa Cantata for First Sunday of Advent

Annunciation Catholic Church celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with a Missa Cantata. David Sonnier from Una Voce Ozarks and his family sang in the choir and played the organ. This was most likely the first Missa Cantata at Annunciation Catholic Church in 40 years.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The slow Demise of the MS Latin Mass?

I was quite excited on 16AUG08 when the Traditional Latin Mass returned to Annunciation Catholic Church in Kiln, MS. During Lent, 2008, we had a healthy crowd of 40+ in attendance. When Father Noone told me that starting in August he would offer the Latin Mass every Saturday evening, I was sure we would have a good number show up. After all, this was no longer a trial period, but was something that, those who prefer the 1962 liturgy, could rely on as their Sunday obligation every week. We hoped and still hope to replace this Mass with a Sunday Mass but, herein lies the problem. We only have around 20 in attendance at this Mass, there is only one priest, and a shortage of servers.
When father Noone announced he was going on a pilgrimage in May 09, I contacted the two Biloxi Diocesen priests who had gone to the FSSP Latin Mass training to see if they would be interested in filling in for Father Noone in his absence. Both declined.

So, there are three threats lurking in the distance:

1) Priests willing to offer the Latin Mass. Father Noone continues to offer the Mass but there are no other priests to fill in when he is gone. This only means a cancelation of the Mass for the period of his absence.
2) There is only one server. To be quite honest, there is a shortage of "young" men in attandance. An older gentlemen who helped pioneer the Annunciation Latin Mass serves if needed ( If regular server cannot make it), but has trouble with the genuflections due to his age.
3) Low attendance. 20 in regular attendance. It is non uncommon to see new faces from time to time. Possibly, they travel from some distance and cannot come every Saturday or maybe they are just visiting the area and found the Mass online.

Are we seeing the future demise of the Mississippi Latin Mass? I pray not.

On a lighter note, the white and red vestements have arrived. They are quite beautiful and come from St. Paul, MN. "Custom Sewing By Peggy"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There will be no Traditional Latin Mass on Saturday, 18 OCTOBER. Father Noone will be out of town.
St Patrick Catholic Church in New Orleans is the closest Diocesan Traditional Latin Mass in the area.
The Latin Mass in Kiln, MS will resume on 25 OCT 08.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Current objectives of Una Voce South MS

Below are a few of the objectives we are trying to achieve:

1)Find a willing Priest who will offer the Latin Mass in Father Noone's absence. We are aware of three other priests in the Diocese who have expressed some interest in the Traditional Latin Mass. Two of these have attended FSSP seminars.

2) Training Altar Servers. We currently have three Altar Servers for this Mass. There are several factors, such as driving distance and unpredictable work schedules, which necessitate having additional Servers.

3) Greater publicity and attendance. We currently have an average of just over 20 faithful in attendance. During Lent we averaged around 40 faithful. We are making every effort to give the Mass more publicity as we are certain all those who would attend are just not aware that the Latin Mass has returned to southern MS.

4) Transferring the Traditional Latin Mass to Sunday. This is not only in keeping with Tradition, but, I believe, would also increase attendance. Many of the faithful are fearful to drive at night and therefore have trouble attending the Saturday evening Mass.

5) Purchase of vestments.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have made contact with Father Noone and confirmed that the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered on a weekly basis starting 16AUG08.

Traditional Latin Mass offered every Saturday* at 6:00P.M. starting 16AUG08.

Rev. Father Noone
Annunciation Catholic Church
5370 Kiln-Deslisle Road
Kiln, MS 39556

*This is the only priest in this Parish and Diocese that offers the Traditional Latin Mass. There might be a possibility of some unexpected circumstances such as illness etc. that may cause a cancellation of "a" Saturday Traditional Latin Mass.
**This Mass fulfills the Sunday Obligation. See Code of Canon Law , Can. 1248, §1 “A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies the obligation of participating in the Mass. ”

Persons interested in keeping up with this Mass are encouraged to visit for updates. Please continue to pray for Father Noone.

Traditional vestments still have to be purchased for future liturgical seasons. Please contact myself or Father Noone if you are interested in donating toward this cause.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Traditional Latin Mass Returns to Kiln, MS

I have just been made aware that the latest bulletin for Annunciation Catholic Church in Kiln, MS states that the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered on Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 6:00 P.M. and every Saturday thereafter.
Below is the Address and contact information for the Church.

Please pray for Father Noone.

Rev. Father Noone
Annunciation Catholic Church
5370 Kiln-Deslisle Road
Kiln, MS 39556

Friday, June 27, 2008

Archbishop Rodi Responds

In a letter dated 24JUN08, Archbishop Rodi stated that a young priest who recently attended training on the Traditional Latin Mass:

"anticipates being sufficiently prepared to celebrate Mass according to the Extraordinary Form beginning in September. It is his intent to celebrate this Mass on a monthly basis at his parish church. As soon as he is ready to publicize the Mass, notice will be sent to you so that you and others who are interested may attend."

No further information in regard to the priest or location was given. If you have any information about this upcoming Mass, please let me know so that we can start making accomodations. ie. ensuring the altar servers have proper training and that the church has portable kneelers, patens, etc..

I will keep you updated as I find out more information.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow up letter sent / Awaiting reply

I decided to write a follow up letter to Archbishop Rodi urging him to contact the PCED in reference to ART 8 of Summorum Pontificum. I stated that I would regretfully refer the matter to the PCED on 7JUL08 if no solution had been reached. I had mixed emotions about writing this letter but it was the next step in the process (ART 7 and 8 of Summorum Pontificum). I am saddened that Archbishop Rodi cannot find one priest in the whole Diocese that is willing to offer, at a minimum, a regular monthy Tridentine Mass. A Catholic family in the Diocese of Biloxi who prefers the Tridentine Mass should not be forced to drive 80 miles to New Orleans. To do this, which many do, forces them to give up their parish life. How can one routinely drive 80 miles every Sunday? How can one volunteer to be on a parish committee? How can one enroll their children in CCD?
we give up our parish life, 2.5 hours in commute time, and $40.00* in gas money each Sunday to fulfill our Sunday obligation in the extraordinary form of Mass.

We echo Una Voce Central Alabama:


*$20-$40 depending on vehicle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Archbishop Rodi responds

I apologize for the delay. On 07MAY08, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi responded to a petition from 31 persons requesting the Traditional Latin Mass be offered in the Diocese of Biloxi. Though I am pleased at some positive aspects in the letter, I am still dismayed that at least a bimonthly Mass can not be accommodated. I will postpone responding to allow some time for the College of consultors to meet and respond. If by 07JUL08, the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum , an amiable solution is not reached, I will follow the guidelines set forth in Summorum Pontificum, ART 7 and 8.

Below is a reproduction of his response in full:

I have received the petition you sent to me requesting the extraordinary form of Mass to be celebrated on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, and insofar as possible, weekdays.

As I stated in my April 13, 2008 letter to you, upon receiving the Motu Prior from his Holiness, Pope Benedict XV1, the availability of the extraordinary from of Mass was discussed with the members of the Presbyteral Council. One of the Members, Father John Noone, Pastor of Annunciation Parish, volunteered to begin the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Mass and prepared himself through the study of Latin and the rubrics of the Mass. He began celebrating the extraordinary form of the Mass each weekend beginning with the celebration of the First Sunday of Lent. He continued doing so throughout the Season of Lent. Although the first Mass was well attended, he reported that attendance declined to the point that he decided to discontinue the Mass. I regret that discontinued the Mass but I must respect his decision.
As I also mentioned in my April 14, 2008 letter, my predecessor, Bishop Joseph Howze, also offered the Mass according to the 1962 Missal at the cathedral in Biloxi each Sunday some years ago, but he also discontinued this practice due to the small attendance at the Masses.
As you know, on June 6 I will be installed to serve as Archbishop of Mobile. As Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Biloxi, I must be careful in making any decisions affecting the welfare of the people of the Diocese of Biloxi. Also, the Presbyteral Council has ceased to exist since the Diocese has no bishop. Mindful of these facts, I will discuss your petition with the College of Consultors and seek their advice.

When Father Noone first volunteered to celebrate the extraordinary form of the Mass, the members of the Presbyteral Council advised that Annunciation Parish was a good location since it was centrally located to those who had expressed an interest in attending the Mass. I note that the petition contained the typed names of 31 people. It appears the names are of 14 families or individuals living in 8 different to towns and at least 8 different church parishes. Judging from the names of the towns contained in the petition, Annunciation Parish is probably as well located as any to serve the people listed on the petition even though the attendance at Annunciation Parish was not sufficient in the judgment of the pastor for continuing the Mass. It will be important for the College of Consultors to discuss if there is any parish better located than Annunciation.

In the meantime, I have spoken with Father Noone and other priests asking them if they would be willing to do so. I have also approved the use of parish funds for any priest who wishes to obtain training in the Latin language and the rubrics of the Latin Mass. To my knowledge, no priest has decided to avail himself of this opportunity.

The priests who are members of the College of Consultors have already begun their summer vacations, but a meeting of the Consultors will be scheduled when an appropriate number of members can attend. I hope that their discussion and advice will be helpful in responding to your petition.

Sincerely in the Lord,

Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi
Apostolic Administrator
Diocese of Biloxi

C: Reverend Monsignor Andrew L. Murray

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Awaiting Reply

The petition was sent on 02MAY08 to Bishop Rodi. We eagerly await a positive reply.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update to Petition

I have made some slight revisions to the petition. Please list your Name, City, and Home Parish (If applicable) and I will add your name to the petition. Deadline for entry is 01MAY08.

Petition is as follows:

Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi, DD
Bishop of Biloxi, Mississippi

Your Excellency:

In keeping with the recent document Summorum Pontificum promulgated by our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, we the undersigned request that the Extraordinary Form of the Mass be made available in the Diocese of Biloxi on Sundays, holy days of obligation and, insofar as is possible, on weekdays. This petition is submitted to Your Excellency pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 of Summorum Pontificum.

We realize it may take time to finalize arrangements to satisfy this request; in consideration of this, we offer Your Excellency any form of assistance possible so that our humble request may be viewed and acted upon with favor. You Excellency is assured of our prayers on your behalf, both as Archbishop-select of Mobile, Alabama, as well as for whomever may be selected to succeed you in the Diocese of Biloxi and for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Your Excellency's consideration of this request will be deeply appreciated.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Following the advice of another Una Voce Chapter, UV-South MS will be starting a petition for a weekly Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Biloxi. It is likely that I will not physically reach all who would like to sign the petition so please email me your name, Home Parish, and city if you are in favor of signing the below petition:

Dear Bishop Rodi,

In keeping with the recent document Summorum Pontificum issued by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, we request that the Extraordinary form of Mass be made available in the Diocese of Biloxi on Sundays, feast days, and all week days. This request is made in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 of Summorum Pontificum.

With the understanding that it may take a period of time for arrangements to be made to satisfy this request, we offer you any form of assistance possible in satisfying our humble request, and we assure you of many prayers on your behalf, as well as for our future bishop, and for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Disheartening news

On Saturday, March 15th, Father Noone announced he will cease offering the Traditional Latin Mass on a regular basis and gave no plans for offering monthly Masses. He stated two reasons for discontinuing the Mass. 1) He claims it is not sufficiently attended and 2) He doesn’t feel right only offering a Low Mass with no musical accompaniment. He states he will revisit the issue later.
I have very mixed feelings about this scenario. First, I cannot stress enough the respect and admiration I have for Father Noone for being the only Priest in the Diocese of Biloxi to volunteer to learn / offer the Traditional Latin Mass. He is the only Priest staffing Annunciation Catholic Church and volunteered to squeeze another Mass into an already packed schedule. I do however respectfully disagree with his two reasons for discontinuing the Mass. 1) The TLM was offered on Saturday at 6:00 P.M. at a parish that is 30-45 minutes from Gulfport/Biloxi. Despite the location and inconvenient time, a consistent population of 40+ faithful came to every Saturday Mass*. I grant that this is quite smaller than the attendance at a regular scheduled Mass, but I would argue that this meets the criteria of Summorum Pontificum. 2) I would also argue that the Faithful attached to the extraordinary form would prefer the lowliest Low Mass, (no pun intended) over the ordinary form. There is little need to go into details of the aberrations, abuses, and banal music that are often found in the ordinary form. One need only look at the reverence, mysticism, and beauty in the extraordinary form to make this case.
That said, Father Noone is not responsible for assuring the Traditional Latin Mass is made available to the 40+ Faithful in the Diocese of Biloxi. He did, however lay the groundwork for this Mass to be resurrected in the Diocese of Biloxi and we are forever grateful to him for this. We will have to write Bishop Rodi and request the Traditional Latin Mass be made available again. I pray that Bishop Rodi will come to the aid of these 40+ Faithful at the earliest possible convenience. In addition, I await the clarifications on Summorum Pontificum which will surely spread some favorable light on the situation.

* The attendance was roughly the following: 113, 68, 48, 50, 38, 40, give or take...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Subsequent Tridentine Masses

Father Noone will continue to offer the Extraordinary Form of Mass on all Saturdays of Lent at 6 P.M. Please ask and pray for a continuance after this period.

Annunciation Catholic Church
5370 Kiln-Deslisle Road
Kiln, MS 39556

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Public Tridentine Mass

On Saturday, February 9th, Father John Noone celebrated Mass in the extraordinary Form marking the first public Tridentine Mass in Mississippi since around 2001. Over 100 people attended the Latin Mass at Annunciation Catholic Church in Kiln, MS, with some driving from over an hour away. Father Noone will continue to celebrate the Latin Mass through out Lent determining if there is a genuine interest for further celebrations in the extraordinary form. Please pray for Father Noone and for the Latin Mass to continue on the Gulf Coast.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Public Tridentine Mass this Saturday

Father Noone will begin celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass February 9th, 2008 at 6:00 P.M. the picture was taken during a private Mass / practice session.

Monday, January 7, 2008

General Update

Father Noone recently started practice sessions for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. The Celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass will begin the first Saturday of Lent. If you are interested in being an Alter Server and want to come to the practice sessions please let me or Fr. Noone know.

Vestments: Father Noone is in need of some Traditional Vestments for the Mass. For those interested in donating or for those who may know of some second hand vestments in a neighboring parish, please contact Father Noone.