Friday, September 12, 2008

Current objectives of Una Voce South MS

Below are a few of the objectives we are trying to achieve:

1)Find a willing Priest who will offer the Latin Mass in Father Noone's absence. We are aware of three other priests in the Diocese who have expressed some interest in the Traditional Latin Mass. Two of these have attended FSSP seminars.

2) Training Altar Servers. We currently have three Altar Servers for this Mass. There are several factors, such as driving distance and unpredictable work schedules, which necessitate having additional Servers.

3) Greater publicity and attendance. We currently have an average of just over 20 faithful in attendance. During Lent we averaged around 40 faithful. We are making every effort to give the Mass more publicity as we are certain all those who would attend are just not aware that the Latin Mass has returned to southern MS.

4) Transferring the Traditional Latin Mass to Sunday. This is not only in keeping with Tradition, but, I believe, would also increase attendance. Many of the faithful are fearful to drive at night and therefore have trouble attending the Saturday evening Mass.

5) Purchase of vestments.