Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow up letter sent / Awaiting reply

I decided to write a follow up letter to Archbishop Rodi urging him to contact the PCED in reference to ART 8 of Summorum Pontificum. I stated that I would regretfully refer the matter to the PCED on 7JUL08 if no solution had been reached. I had mixed emotions about writing this letter but it was the next step in the process (ART 7 and 8 of Summorum Pontificum). I am saddened that Archbishop Rodi cannot find one priest in the whole Diocese that is willing to offer, at a minimum, a regular monthy Tridentine Mass. A Catholic family in the Diocese of Biloxi who prefers the Tridentine Mass should not be forced to drive 80 miles to New Orleans. To do this, which many do, forces them to give up their parish life. How can one routinely drive 80 miles every Sunday? How can one volunteer to be on a parish committee? How can one enroll their children in CCD?
we give up our parish life, 2.5 hours in commute time, and $40.00* in gas money each Sunday to fulfill our Sunday obligation in the extraordinary form of Mass.

We echo Una Voce Central Alabama:


*$20-$40 depending on vehicle.

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